Pažagieniai School was founded by Council of Panevėžys District Municipality in 1991. It is a public school that provides education to children from 1,5 -10 years old. Three education programs are provided in Pažagieniai School; kindergarten, pre-school and primary school programs.

There are three groups for children who are 1.5-6 years old in Pažagieniai School. They play games and learn together.

Žirniukai (Little peas) is a group of the smallest kids aged 1,5 -3 years old, the maximum number of kids here can not excced 15. Nykštukai (Dwarfs) is a group of kids who are 3-5 years old and the group might be up to 20 kids  same as it is in the pre-schoolers group where kids 5-7 years of age learn through games with their teachers. There are 2 teachers who work in each group and they also have assistans (one per group). The kindergarten program is designed according to the principles of freedom, individual practice, experimentation and referring to family. In the kindergarten groups we aspire to develop and implement training modules, focused on the development of the child’s innate capacities, taking into account the common human and national values, natural and individual mental and physical processes.

As the kindergarten groups are not big in Pažagieniai School, children have opportunity to get together during the free game time, they can feel as they were a family where all are encouraged to help each other, learning to be tolerant and develop friendship. In such activities the smaller children learn from older and the older help others to learn, they learn empathy and patience. It helps them increase their self-confidence, feel safe and confident.

Also we have 4 primary classes for children aged 7-10 years old. Primary education program is approved by Ministry of Education and Science and designed for four years.

Pažagieniai School has an aspiration to become a modern organization that provides best quiality educational programs for children cooperating with their families. We consider our mission helping the family raising children jointly developing a mutually acceptable family-school  model of cooperation that encourages children to lead productive lives, to give them moral and social maturity basics and provide qualified pre-school and primary education in safe and creative environment.

School philosophy is based on believing that every child is unique, deserved a great attention and ultimate love. The task of all community is to help revealing the individual child’s ability and to create a safe and healthy environment for children’s learning.

There are 50 children in pre-school and kindergarten groups, and 48 schoolchildren in 1-4 classes in Pažagieniai School. We have 15 teachers in total; 4 of them work in primary classes and 5 teachers work with pre-school and kindergarten groups. We also have teachers of English, Music, Sport and Dance who have part time job at our school and come to give the lessons. We appreciate Speech therapist who helps children with learning difficulties. Health-care specialist also works here and school provides catering service, too. Extended day group for 7-8 year old children is available in the School.

Pažagieniai School community looks for different ways how to help kids to express themselves and provide extra curricular activities where kids are taught singing, crafts, theatre, dancing and sports.